Calidad de la Cooperativa Valle del Jerte

Quality Policy, Environment and Social Responsibility



The main objective of the Quality System and Environment is MEET GLOBAL BALANCED FORM AND OUR CLIENTS providing safe, legal and with the highest quality under a commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention products.

To do this in the Association of Cooperatives Valley Jerte in the associated cooperatives and between farmers / farmers integrated as partners all work processes will be geared to achieving that goal, trying to respond efficiently to the needs, demands, aspirations and expectations of actual and potential customers to maintain and improve the satisfaction of the first and arouse the interest of those who do not yet know the company and the products that the Association of Cooperatives is offering in the market.

To achieve this objective, the Association of Cooperatives and cooperative group are committed to:

Perform regular basis a research activity and analysis to adapt products and services to changing demand and deliver value to consumers / as and customers.
Meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements.
Engage and involve in the process of “making quality” to the whole human fabric of the enterprise, partners and employees primarily for turning people into actors and drivers of quality, regardless of the tasks that are developing or have assigned.
Improve production processes in the field and warehouses to safeguard the intrinsic quality of products, ensure full security and increase the responsiveness of people.
Adapt, adapt or extend, if necessary, their facilities, introducing innovations in the process of agricultural production or post-harvest operations to maintain quality and secure.
Continuously improve the Quality System, constantly developing procedures and evaluating it to promote business progress toward established goals.

Fulfill our commitment to corporate social responsibility as business vision and maintain sustainable development.

Apply in managing the requirements of the Basic Code of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ICE)
Comply with the requirements of the supply chain as well as Good Practice Food Defense Program

In addition, the Association of Cooperatives Valley Jerte, has an Equality Plan for its workers based on the principles of respect for equal rights and equal opportunities.


In an increasingly globalized market, fruit providers must adapt to the demands of different customers anywhere in the world. Faced with this reality, the Association of Cooperatives Valley Jerte has adapted its corporate structure, as its facilities. This results in extremely high levels of quality, which is reflected in obtaining certificates of agri major quality in recent years.

Today there is already talk of fruit but certification, quality assurance, traceability, etc … The Association of Cooperatives Valley Jerte has not lost this train can offer its customers the following quality protocols:

BRC (British Retail Consortium)
IFS (International Food Standard)
TNC (Tesco Nature’s Choice)
ISO 14001: 2004

In addition to these national and international protocols, the Group meets specific quality standards of customers with high demands on quality certifications and food security as well as social responsibility.

The activities of the Group are focused on providing the highest level of satisfaction to its customers and end consumers through the products offered in the market and the set of relations and services associated with them. In this context, respect for human health, environmental sustainability and ethical issues are of key importance.


The ACVJ has a register of holdings of about 3,000 soci @ s-farmers / as who manages the entire control system of good agricultural practices, in particular, pest control through pesticides, safety periods, etc.

Thanks to this system TRAZABILIDAD present in the company for many years and audited by external certification companies, the Association of Cooperatives Valley Jerte has the ability to determine:

Origin of their products.
History of the processes applied to the product (fertilizers and pesticides applied, date of collection, etc …)
Distribution and location after delivery.

By having this information the Association of Cooperatives Valley Jerte transferrable defined specific markets, with the guarantee of knowing with certainty the origin and all processes have suffered any product passing through its facilities products. The concept of traceability is associated undoubtedly a modern production processes and products of higher quality and value for the end customer, very compatible with our quality policy.